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Friday, October 7, 2016

Arsenal defender: Leave Paul Pogba alone

Written by: Oladayo Juan Joe Bamidele

Arsenal's French defender, Laurent Koscienly has warned that Paul Pogba should be left in peace so as to improve at Manchester United.

Many have criticised Pogba for not living up to the task of his £89 million price tag, as they believe he should have done more since signing for Manchester United from Juventus.

Koscienly believes his French teammate has been unfairly criticised.

"Because of his transfer and his status, we demand a lot from Paul Pogba. We’ve got to leave him in peace so he can progress.

"With Paul, we always expect more. When he does something neutral, often it is not enough. He is someone we expect to make assists in every game – there is an expectation that is too large.

"Paul is okay in his own head. He knows what he wants," he said.

Pogba has scored one goal for Manchester United in the last six league appearances.


It's too early to criticise the French international, he needs more time.

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