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Friday, September 30, 2016

Full list of Angola squad against Botswana

Written by: Tyral Siyanda

Angola's male senior national team, Palancas Negras will today take on the Zebras of Botswana in a friendly match set aside to mark Botswana's independence day. Botswana are celebrating 50 years of Independence (#BOT50) from British rule.

Angola coach, Jose Antonio Kilamba has named an 18-man squad for the match at the National Stadium in Gaborone.

Full Squad:

1. Eddie Marcos Melo Afonso - CRD Libolo

2. Nelson Sumbo Fonseca -Benfica de Luanda

3. Signori Dominique Antonio - 1st de Agosto

4. Manuel David Afonso - 1st de Agosto

5. Jacinto Muondo Dala - 1st de Agosto

6. Isaac Correia da Cosa - 1st de Agosto

7. Adriano Belmiro Duarte Nicolua - Progresso

8. Gerson Bruno da Costa Barros - Petro de Luanda

9. Carlos Stello F. Guimaraes - Petro de Luanda

10.Herenilson Caifalo da Carmo - Petro de Luanda

11.Vladimir Etson Antonio Feliz -Progresso

12.Fernando Jacinto Quissanga - Kabuscorp

13.Kuagica Sebastiao Bondo David - CRD Libolo

14.Antonio Sapalo Lohoca Justo - Intercube

15.Fabricio Mafuta - Intercube

16.Mario Manuel Oliveira - CRD Libolo

17.Salomao Manuel Troco - 1st de Agosto

18.Elidio Jose Panzo - Intercube

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